A dream come true

COMEBACK MOTORS ARGENTINA is the result of the passion of two enthusiast partners: Tomás Daniel, collector of classic cars and motorcycles and Carlos Macinskas, an artisan mechanic whose family is closely related to motorbikes.


Since 2008 they have participated in Autoclásica, having won several awards with antique models restored in Carlos´ workshop in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires.


It was in this workshop where they came across a 1917 model of an Indian Board Track. It wasn´t long before the idea came up to create an exact replica of the two wheel-drive classic. A dream difficult to fulfill...

After ten intense months of hard work and with the help of several friends, they achieved their goal. They had to create the outer shell of a classic bike with the heart of a modern vehicle, using first class materials and suppliers.


From the original idea of creating a couple of replicas they finally produced a lot of ten, two of which took part in the Recoleta-Tigre traditional race. They successfully completed the 35 km. track tour which filled the public with admiration. All present were amazed by the difficult task achieved by these two partners.


Now Comeback Motors Argentina has turned into a source of projects that aim at preserving these glorious 20th. Century machines providing them with new life on the 21st. Century routes.




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Av. del Libertador 13218, 1640 Martínez, Buenos Aires, Argentina
T [+54 11] 4798 2422 . e-mail: info@comebackmotors.com

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